Nov 17

Excel on your mobile …….. for free!

Using Excel from a mobile seems to be a bit of a joke, but after using it, it is easy to get caught in the game. Of course, we will never create great worksheets as we can do with Excel desktop, but to open its files from any location (street, subway, bus) is very interesting. This …

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May 02

The most popular post of Excel in 2013 comes from this site :)

  The most popular Excel blog posts of 2013 reflect your interest in the new capabilities we’ve added to Excel this year, including exciting updates to Web Excel and the release of Power Map for Excel. Other favorite posts offer valuable Excel tips and tricks for Excel beginners and experts alike. Have a look on …

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Feb 24

Excel for free


Excel for Free! It was the dream for all and now it’s real For years, the only way to use for free microsoft Excel was to download it and use a “hack” serial key. Very risky technique especially in accordance with the law. Now, this “technique” is difficult to use because the new version of Office …

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Feb 19

Calculation of tenths, hundredths and thousandths with Excel


3 Thousandths Looking at the results of speed skating in Sochi, I found that the gap between the first and second of the 1500m event was only 3 thousandths. Decide athletes with thousandth is extremely unusual and this give me the idea to measure the gap between them. Term of the problem Computing speed and …

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Dec 14

XLS or XLSX file ?


With the release of Excel 2007, the extensions of Excel files (or Office in general) were changed. Previously, it was possible to save workbooks in xls. Since Excel 2007 you can also save your workbooks in xlsx or xlsm. It is now 6 years since the extensions xlsx and xlsm were created but many people are still saving their Excel file with the xls extension. This …

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Jul 19

Change the language of Microsoft Office

Change the language

In most of companies, Office is in English. But if you don’t feel comfortable with the functions name in English, you can easily switch the language of your Excel application to any other language. You just need to install an new Office Language pack. In this page, you will download the most common Language pack …

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Mar 10

[Survey] Which shortcut do you use the most ?


The future of Excel is Excel WebApp. Excel WebApp is simply an Excel workbook embedded in a browser. It is with this technology that you can make all the exercises in this site. The technology is new and a lot of things must be developped. One of them are the keyboard shortcuts. When you make …

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Apr 10

Function SUMIFS


To complete the function COUNTIFS , the function SUMIFS allows you to add a part of your data based on some criteria. Because the formula is based on the function COUNTIFS, only the exercises and their results are listed on this page. For the explanation of the construction of the formula, please refer to the page COUNTIFS.

Mar 05


Since Excel 2007, a new useful feature allows you to count the number of rows that meet multiple criteria (multiple column). In the following document, we are able to count the number of orders for a specific client (cell K1) for a time period (cell K2 and K3) You will find in the function COUNTIFS page how …

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Feb 08

Gantt Chart

For the managers, the time management is a priority. A Gantt chart can easily present the delay of the tasks and end of the task. However, you must care of the weekends. So, to add exactly the number of workdays, you must use the WORKDAY function. Follow this tutorial to see how to build a Gantt chart.

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