Calculation without equal



I always wonder why, in most of the offices, there is a calculator close to a computer. It’s totally ridiculous especially if you have Excel on your computer. But a secretary told me that it’s not convenient for her to start with the calculation with the symbol =



In fact, there is a way to do calculation without equal.

  • Go in the menu Files>Options>Advanced
  • Scroll down untill you reach the end of the options
  • In the section Lotus compatibility setting, check transition formula entry.





Now, when you perform a calculation, Excel will add for you the symbol equal and display the result of your calculation.



Calculation_without_equal_2Important: this option is not permanent. When you close Excel you have to reactivate this option if you want to avoid to start your calculation with equal. And also, this option is not available for all the worksheets of your workbook. In fact, you have to select the name of the worksheet where you want to have this option activated.


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    it works!!!

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