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How to Lookup Values to left column?

The VLOOKUP function searches for data in a table by returning data always to the right of the column containing your ID. However, it is sometimes necessary to us to return the value that is located into the left columns of your ID. As the VLOOKUP function is not able to do, we can solve the problem …

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How to make automatic calendar in Excel

  Creating a new calendar each month is a waste of time, but many people do as they think they need to rebuild it to get correct weekends and public holidays. But in fact, with few formulas, 2 conditional formatting rules, 1 dropdown list and 5 lines of VBA code, you can create an automatic …

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Analyze a formula with F9

The shortcut key F9 allows you to view the result of a part of your formulas. For example, if you have a very complex formula (as in the video below) and this formula returns an error, the F9 key will help you to easily find which part of your formula contains the error and must …

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