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Choice of the chart

Which graph for what purpose? Make graphs in Excel is very simple. The problem is not to build them but to know which one to choose.

The bars (horizontal or vertical)




Used to draw attention to the comparison of values rather than a continuous period of time




The stacked bars




Especially to compare the growth, progression similar data (always for percentages). Common mistake: Don’t use too many values otherwise it becomes difficult to read the chart.







To represent data over time: changes in sales, population, stock quotes, the hearing of a website, etc.. This type of chart is often combined with another type of graph for better readability.








Widely used in all areas, this type of chart is able to understand the share of each sector as a whole and to highlight the item or items important. A common mistake: many areas of very small size make reading the graph difficult. Better to gather small areas in a single sector.






Used in various fields to highlight a series from another, spider webs superimposed give a good overview of a situation.









The area chart is similar to the chart. The first one highlights the magnitude of the change or the magnitude of values. The second chart highlights the passage of time and the rate of change.









The scatter plot shows the correlation between two variables.









A bubble chart shows the correlation between three variables: categories and values of X and Y axes and therefore an additional parameter. The area of the bubble indicates the value of the third parameter.


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