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It often makes sense to present your data through a graph. Once you have selected the chart type that best fits your data, you will conceive.

Create a chart in Office 2007 & 2010

Create a chart has become very easy since the advent of versions 2007 and 2010. Just go to the Insert tab, then the graphical menu. Here you select the chart type and subtype.

Exemple de création de graphique Radar

Instantly, the graph is displayed on your worksheet.


Creating a chart in Office 2003 and earlier

The creation of a graph is obtained by activating the menu Insert / Chart.The following dialog appears:

The first step is to select the chart type that will best enhance your data, and the subtype for to your chart










Then you select your data range which contains informations that will be in the graph.





Then you can specify several parameters of your chart but do not worry, you can also change them after the wizard

Finally you specify the place where you want your chart will appear and that’s it, your chart will automatically be displayed


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