Conditional Formatting



Many users of Excel do not know conditional formatting. And yet they use them daily without knowing it. Many of you change the color of your cell manually with the Font menu. The classical problem when data changes, is the format of your cells doesn’t correspond to the new value of your cells. So, I …

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Highlighting dates

With Date functions in Excel, it is possible to perform calculations like addition or subtraction and thus, produce automated or semi-automated worksheets (using the NOW function in particular). Date functions mix with conditional formatting, allow you to create spraedsheets displaying date alerts automatically when a deadline is near. Contents1 Basics of Conditional formatting with dates2 Highlighting weekends3 …

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Color scales

  In the sub-menu of the conditional formatting, you find the tool “Color Scale”. This tool is very convenient to highlight your max and min data but your data must respect some rules. Contents1 How to use color scales2 Recommandation How to use color scales Activate this tool is very easy Select your data (it’s …

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Data Bars and Icons

  The conditional formatting allows you to add Data Bars and the icons in your cells is function of the result of rules.   Contents1 The Data bars2 The icon Sets The Data bars When you insert a conditional formatting Data Bar, everybody will approve your document. It’s an instant success. 😎 The method to …

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Top / Bottom

Contents1 Highest / Lowest value2 Top / Bottom 10 values3 Top / Bottom 10 percentage Highest / Lowest value   It’s quite easy with the conditional formatting to highlight the highest and lowest value of your serie. Select the range of cells where you have your data Select the menu Conditionnal Formating > Top/Bottom rules …

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