Create an online survey with Excel

Since it is possible to use Excel from a web browser, new special features are available with Excel Online. This is particularly the case for creating, posting and collecting the results of a questionnaire. And not only is it very easy to implement a surver but it is free.

Click on this link to see the online survey http://1drv.ms/1JA40AE



Open Excel in a browser

To create your poll, you simply need to access to Excel online with your Microsoft Accound (hotmail, outlook or msn)

From any web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox …), log on at http://www.office.com
By connecting to the Office interface, you also view all the other free apps that are available such Word, OneNotes, Power Point (yay, it rocks!)


On the bottom-left of the page, you can select the language that you want and then you log in (upper right) with your Microsoft Account (hotmail, outlook or msn)

Survey_2After identification, your name appears on the upper-right of page. Then you just have to click on the Excel icon to launch the application in your browser (pretty easy)

Survey_3Then, your browser displays the start page of Excel 2013 … as you can see, it’s free

Create a survey

To create a poll in Excel Online, you simply open a new blank file and click the icon Survey.

Survey_5Survey_6Then you choose the option “New survey”




You will then display a new window where you enter a title for your questionnaire, a description, and of course a text box to create your questions.

When you select the “Question” box, a new window will appear allowing you to create any type of question for a questionnaire.

Survey_7Survey_8When you select the zone response type, a drop down list offers many choices. In a questionnaire, it is mainly the Yes / No and choice that are most frequently used.






Then simply click on the “Add a new question” to enrich your questionnaire

Here is the result after adding 3 more questions


Share the survey

The advantage to an online survey is to be able to share it easily to your contacts.

Once you have completed your questionnaire, simply click on Share Survey and click on the button Get link, to display the link to copy into an email or insert into a site.


You can also click on the Shorten link to get a shorter address.

If you want to see the result of the division of this questionnaire, simply click the link http://1drv.ms/1JA40AE

Please, answer these few questions and you will see the result in the next workbook.

View the results

Of course, for you at the end, what you want is to see the answers.

Return to your OneDrive and open the Documents folder. There you will find among your files, an Excel workbook with the attribute Survey.


Just open the file to see the answers to your questions or embedded it in a webpage. If you have answer to the survey, relaod this page to see your answer display in the next workbook.



  1. Ann Curran

    Thank you.

  2. Ann Curran

    Is there any way to copy an existing survey or the existing survey questions to create another survey without having to recreate the entire survey?

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