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AND – OR Functions

Functions AND and OR are 2 logic functions that are mostly used with the IF function. Contents1 Presentation1.1 AND function1.2 OR function2 Exercise Presentation These functions are often attached to the IF function but can also be used with tools of data validation or conditional formatting updates. AND function A condition AND returns TRUE if …

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When you are trying to count the number of times you have a name, a date, a value in a list, only the function COUNTIF should be used. Contents1 Presentation2 Application example3 Greater than / smaller than Presentation The function COUNTIF requires only two parameters the range of cells where is your data the value …

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The COUNTIFS function complete the lake of the COUNTIF function. It is only available for the version of Office 2007. For earlier versions, unfortunately there is no equivalence 🙁 Contents1 Presentation2 Construction3 Greater than / Less than4 Count over a period of time5 Count over a variable time period Presentation The COUNTIF function allows you to count how …

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IF Function

The IF function is used when you have to display different result in function of values of other cells.   Contents1 The IF function2 Writing3 Logical Test4 Example5 Exercise : Return a grade6 Exercise : Management of the stocks7 Exercise : Equity portfolio The IF function The IF function needs 3 parameters The test The …

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SUMIF function

This function SUMIF works like the COUNTIF function but here, you don’t count the number of cells within a criteria, but you add the cells of this criteria. Contents1 The SUMIF Function2 Example3 Example with Greater Than The SUMIF Function The SUMIF function needs 3 parameters. The range of criteria The criteria The range to …

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Contents1 Principle2 Construction3 Greater than / Lower than4 Variable date Principle The SUMIFS function is constructed as the COUNTIFS function, in sense that you can realize a sum over a part of your data by selecting one or more criteria. There’s no difference between these two functions except the first parameter; the range of cells …

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