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Date & Time

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The week functions

In Excel, when you have to calculate week days or week number it’s easy to make a lot of mistake and then your result will be wrong. In this article, you will find a lot of examples to avoid to make errors. Contents1 Function WEEKDAY1.1 Principle1.2 Explanation of the second parameter1.3 Use2 Function WORKDAYS3 The …

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Functions YEAR, MONTH and DAY are very simple. They extract each part of a date. Individually, these functions do not really interest but combined with the DATE function, they automatically generate key dates (such as the first of the month, the last day of a month …). Contents1 Feature Overview2 First day2.1 First day of …

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Date format

In Excel, the format of the date is very important to avoid a lot of mistakes in your formulas. Let’s see how to work with dates.   Contents1 Presentation of the date’s format2 FORMAT DATES3 FORMAT OF HOURS Presentation of the date’s format Rule 1: Dates are numbers. To check this, write any date in …

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DATEDIF Function

The function DATEDIF calculates the difference between 2 dates (day, month or year).   Contents1 Principle2 The DATEDIF function3 Exercise Principle Suppose the date of 28/07/2009 and 05/08/2009. Between these two dates, there are only a gap of nine days. But there is a switch from a calendar month. So if we use the MONTH …

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Example of Date, Week, Gap in days

This article presents all cases to calculate automatically a date from another date. All formulas are based for example on the current date TODAY () but of course all formulas work with any other date. Contents1 Number of days in a month2 First and last day of a month3 Calculation of the week number4 First …

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Generality & Format

In Excel, dates are false friends because there are a multitude of characteristics which are complicating their use in calculations. Contents1 Presentation2 Date format3 Format of Hours Presentation Rule 1: Dates are numbers. To verify this, write any Date in a cell and change its format to the standard mode. There, you can see that the …

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How to build an automatic calendar

Creating a new calendar each month is a waste of time, but many people do as they think they need to rebuild it to get the correct weekends and public holidays. But in fact, with few formulas, 2 conditional formatting rules, 1 dropdown list and 5 lines of VBA code, you can create an automatic …

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It is possible in Excel to display the date in a cell and / or the current time (or called the system date). Contents1 Principle2 Use Principle To view the current day, use the following formula = TODAY () Parentheses are required even if the function does not expect parameter. The cell is automatically formatted …

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Split Time and Date

In Excel, the function NOW returns the date and time of your computer. But how do you separate the date and time in two cells distinctness?   Contents1 Split the date2 Extract the time3 Exercise Split the date Let’s start from the following document which traces the data recording every second. We want to split …

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Week functions

When you want to make calculation on the week, the calculation can become very complex and error-prone. In this page you will find different methods to use week’s functions. Contents1 Weekday function2 Workday function3 Week number3.1 Before Excel 20073.2 Excel 20073.3 Excel 2010 Weekday function This function will return a number corresponding to the day in …

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