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With calculation functions of Excel, it will be very easy to perform statistical calculations. Through an exercise, we will see how to use statistical functions with a single variable. Let’s work with the following rainfall records Contents1 AVERAGE2 MEDIAN3 MODE4 QUARTILE5 PERCENTILE AVERAGE The AVERAGE function returns the average of a cell range. =AVERAGE(B3:B14) The average rainfall …

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The MOD function returns the rest of a division. This function is useful for the conditional formatting, data validation or in a condition.   Contents1 Presentation of the MOD function2 Example Presentation of the MOD function If you try to divide 24 by 3, the result is 8. As the result is just whole number, …

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  This is the most commonly formula used and also the simplest to use. We will see in this page, different methods to achieve a SUM function in Excel. Contents1 Presentation2 Using the icon bar3 Shortcut Presentation To perform a SUM function, you simply start with the = sign in your cell and then enter …

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