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Function TEXT

Function TEXT converts any number into text and keep the specific number format. Contents1 Presentation of the function TEXT2 Problem to solve3 Example Presentation of the function TEXT TEXT function converts any number data into a text format according the parameters you give to the function. TEXT function has two parameters the number the format …

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  Text functions are convenient to extract a part of a cell. In the following example, we’ll extract different part of the phone number. Contents1 LEFT function2 RIGHT function3 MID function LEFT function We want to extract the dialing code of cells. The dialing code is the first 3 digits of the phone number. To extract these …

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  The LEN function returns the number of characters of a string in a cell. This function is rarely used alone. You can use it in a conditional formatting or data validation.   A very common example use of the function LEN is how to extract the firstname of the column A. The firtname is after the …

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SEARCH Function

The function allows you to search the position of a symbol into a string in a cell.   Contents1 Presentation of Search function2 Example of use3 Using of the third parameter Presentation of Search function The SEARCH function requires two parameters (and a third one optional) The first one is characters (or the sub-string) searched …

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  When you import data, it is strongly recommended to use two following functions to “clean” the blank characters in your cells.   Contents1 The TRIM function2 The SUBSTITUTE function The TRIM function This function is very useful for cleaning up all the spaces before and after a string. This is very common when you copy/paste …

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