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Paste Special

There are situations where a standard copy / paste is not appropriate. Fortunately, Excel offers a comprehensive range of copy / paste called “special” to make all kinds of recopies. Contents1 Principle of paste special2 Shortcut3 Paste Special FORMULA4 Paste Special VALUE5 Paste Special OPERATION6 Paste Special Skip Blank7 Paste Special TRANSPOSE Principle of paste special …

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Absolute Relative References

The cell reference is the code that identify a cell: A1, B3, C15, … AA375. But in Excel, it’s not just reference, we have absolute, relative and mixed references (but what-is-this-stuff 😕 ) Contents1 Relative reference2  Absolute reference3 Mixed reference4 Reference range of cells Relative reference A relative reference is a reference that will change when you …

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Basic calculation

To present first formulas with arithmetic operators, we will create a comprehensive exercise on the management of revenue and expenditure of a store of fruits and vegetables. As store manager, you want to determine the result of running your business. We begin by creating a table in which we have a monthly column and online …

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Copy Paste

The major advantage of using a spreadsheet is to copy data or formulas to save time and secure its calculations. We will present some techniques to copy data in this page but there are also other methods (mouse, Paste Special …). Contents1 Presentation2 Keyboard Shortcut3 Copy a formula4 How to use the fill-handle Presentation Copy …

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Fill Series

The fill handle is very useful to copy formulas as you know but also, you can fill series of number or date. Look at the following tutorials to see what you can do. Contents1 Fill series of numbers2 Fill series of date Fill series of numbers When you have to create a list of number, it is …

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Remove Duplicates

To create summary tables, extract a list of unique elements is very useful. Fortunately, Excel has a very useful tool to realize this job easily: Remove duplicates Contents1 Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 20132 Excel 2003 and earlier Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013   In these versions, duplicate removal tools can be …

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Excel is often used only for the presentation. It is therefore imperative to treat the presentation of your documents in order to attract the attention of your audience. Contents1 Draw Borders2 3D Borders Draw Borders In Excel, there is a great tool to easily draw your borders : it’s the Draw Border tool. It is …

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Change the Themes

You can customize Excel 2007 or 2010 by modifying the basic colors as well as adding your own menus. Contents1 Custom themes2 Quick menu Custom themes By default, colors and fonts are loaded into the Home menu / Police.     Ditto for the effects applied to the forms Now you can change themes by …

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