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Fill Series

The fill handle is very useful to copy formulas as you know but also, you can fill series of number or date. Look at the following tutorials to see what you can do.

Fill series of numbers

When you have to create a list of number, it is not necessary to create a formula or to write each number of your series one by one.

What you need is to write the 2 first numbers of your list and Excel will extend your selection. Have a look on this video to see how it works with positives, negatives and decimal numbers.

If you have to create a big list of number (let say 5000), use the fill handle is not useful because it takes too much time. So for the great list of numbers, it’s better to use the tool Fill (Home>Fill). See this short video to see how to fill a big list of numbers.

Fill series of date

Like for the number, It is possible to increase a series of dates very easily. You can increase a series of days, but also of months and years. And for all these parameters, Excel knows when it has to change the value of the month or the year.

Have a look at this video to see how to fill series of days, month, weekdays with the fill-handle.

You can also fill series of Text day and Text month with the fill-handle, but if you want to create your own list of  Text series, Excel is able to learn all the list you want to give him



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