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Remove Duplicates

To create summary tables, extract a list of unique elements is very useful. Fortunately, Excel has a very useful tool to realize this job easily: Remove duplicates

Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013


In these versions, duplicate removal tools can be found in the Data tab. To achieve an Unique records, simply select the column(s) you want to clean and click on this icon.





After submitting, you have only one item of your previous list and dialog box tells you the number of cells that have been removed and how many remain.

Excel 2003 and earlier

Before Excel 2007, the removal duplicates tool existed but it was less easy to find it. You find this tool in the menu Data / Filter / Advanced Filter.







Based on the attached example, we will extract the table names contained in the document. Start by activating the menu Data / Filter / Advanced Filter and the following dialog box appears.











Specify the cell range that will be filtered and check ‘Unique records only

Choose ‘Copy to another location and select a destination area which will display your list without duplicates.










Watch the video below to see a sample of Unique records with two methods


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