Pivot Table


First step

  Contents1 Add items2 Delete items Add items To add an item in a Pivot Table, you simply select one of your field list and add it to your TCD by dragg & drop. For example, you want to do an analysis on your customers. You click on the Customer item and then you drag …

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Generate multi-worksheets

PivotTables have a great tool to split a file into multiple worksheets. Contents1 Presentation2 Methodology Presentation Often you would like to split your main workbook in several worksheet, like in this example where the main data sheet is cut by state. Methodology To make this work, we must create a pivot table. To see the …

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A Pivot Table is a powerful tool which calculates data very easily. For some reason I can not explain, many people thinks that the knowlage of a pivot table is the ultimate stage¬† of Excel. But, if you know how to drag & drop, you can work a pivot table. Contents1 Beginning2 Activation3 Interface Beginning …

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