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First step


Add items

To add an item in a Pivot Table, you simply select one of your field list and add it to your TCD by dragg & drop. For example, you want to do an analysis on your customers. You click on the Customer item and then you drag & drop it, into the red rectangular area in the picture.

Once this item is dropped, you have names of your customers in column and they appears only once as if we had a Unique records.





Now we select the item ‘Total’ and drag it into the green rectangular.


Immediatly, you can see a list of numbers that automatically appears. These figures correspond to the sum of the total of orders placed by customers. The result is placed in front of each customer’s name.



Delete items

If you want to delete one of the data in your pivot tables, two techniques are possible:

  • The first one is to click on the title numbers of total (the mouse cursor changes) and move it until you see a red cross. When you see the red cross close to the cursor’s mouse then you remove the item from your pivot table.
  • The second method is to click on the arrow of your item and select delete this item. Magic, your item is deleted ๐Ÿ™‚





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