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Generate multi-worksheets

PivotTables have a great tool to split a file into multiple worksheets.


Often you would like to split your main workbook in several worksheet, like in this example where the main data sheet is cut by state.


To make this work, we must create a pivot table. To see the method, we will create a simple pivot table in which we extracted totals for each client.




Then we focus on the top of our pivot table and we will drop the item State.

If you click on the arrow a drop-down menu displays the list of the states, much like a data filter.




Now we will create as many worksheets as there are State in our document. Select in the Pivot Table Tools menu, the Options tab menu and then the sub-menu PivotTable, and finally, the Options sub-sub-menu.

There you click on the arrow just to the right of the word Options and you select the menu “Show Report Filter Pages …”




A window appears asking you with which element you want to create your page. Well, you don’t have the choice because the State is the single choice.





And there’s magic! Excel automatically creates a page for each state.

Important note: you must filter your page or on (All) to forget the creation of any spreadsheet


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    Is there a way to create a tab with just the raw data? each tab appear to be simply a filter of the master pivot which uses a lot of resource. By flattening the data the tab can simply be dragged to a blank spreadsheet and emailed.

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