Alt Key

Discover all the shortcuts with the Alt Key Contents1 Shortcut with symbol2 Function keys Shortcut with symbol + Insert the function SUM in your active cell + Display in a combobox the value in the same column + + Group the data (row or column) + + Ungroup the data (row or column) Function keys …

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Control Key

Discover all the shortcuts with the Control Key Contents1 Shortcut with letter2 Shortcut with figure3 Shortcut with symbol4 Shortcut with Function keys Shortcut with letter + Select all cells around the active cell (non-empty) Select all cells of your worksheet (if the active cell is empty) When you fill a formula, Ctrl + A display …

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Function Key

Discover all the shortcuts with the Function Key Contents1 Function keys alone2 Function Keys + Shift3 Function Keys + Ctrl4 Function keys + Alt5 Shortcuts with Shift & Ctrl6 Shortcuts with Shift & Alt Function keys alone Help Toogle to the Edit mode Paste name formula (if you have defined Name in your worksheet) Toogle …

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Shortcuts are very useful to save a lot of time. But you can also manage more than one shortcuts to get amazing action with Excel. Contents1 Copy / Paste on large range of cells2 Copy/Paste with F8 & F5 (non-continuous)3 Analyze a formula with F94 Fill the blank Copy / Paste on large range of …

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