Add Emojis to your charts, formulas

What are emojis?

Emojis, everyone knows what is it. There are the small icons that we insert in a message to express your feeling. 🙂(happy) 😍 (love) 😎 (cool) 😲 (wow) 😱 (scary) 😡 (angry)

More, you can also insert emojis to express events like Christmas🎄 , Victory🏆, Wedding 👰and also Objects ☎ 🔒 🚗 📸 🍺

Since Excel 2010, emojis can be added to your worksheets as name, use in formulas or in charts

Chart label are icons

How to insert emojis in Excel?

Virtual keyboard

The easiest way is to use the virtual keyboard of Windows 10.

1. Start by opening the virtual keyboard on the task bar. If the icon is not visible, Right-Click on the bar and check the option Show Touch Keyboard Button.

Menu to open the virtual keyboard

2. In the virtual keyboard, open the icons set.

Virtual Keyboard with Windows 10

3. Choose the emojis you want to insert.

Set of Emojis

Add other icons

But the virtual keyboard doesn't present the full list of existing emoticons like animals, objects or symbols. On this page , you can see the full list of emojis.

Each one has is own hexadecimal code (like 1F515 to display a silence mode)

Now in Excel, to insert an emoticon from its hexadecimal code, we will use 2 functions

  • HEX2DEC will convert the hexadecimal code to decimal
  • UNICHAR will turn this decimal code into emojis


And then you convert this formula with a copy-paste value.

Icon in color

When you add emojis in Excel desktop they are black and white. But when you open the same workbook on Excel Online, you can see them in color 😃

How icons could be used in Excel?

As worksheet name

Emojis can be used as Worksheet name

Emoji as worksheet name

In formula

Emojis can also be used in a formula. In the following example, the prices of rooms are identify by emojis. The VLOOKUP function return the result in function of each icons.

In Charts

Certainly the best way to use emojis is to use them in a chart

Chart label are icons

In Slicers

Also, if you create a column with emojis, you can use them with slicers

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