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Excel is a powerful tool to manipulate and calculate data. Learn the basics in these articles

Convert roman numerals with Excel

To convert roman numbers in Arabic numbers there is the function ROMAN.
To go the other way round, there is the function ARABIC

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Extract text without a formula

Extract text anywhere in your string with FlashFill

In Excel 2013 and later, you can extract text without a formula using Flash Fill.
FlashFill is a tool integrated into Excel, that runs in the background continuously.

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How to display hours over 24

Excel displays time over 24H

By default in Excel, time are not displayed over 24H. But if you customize the default time format, you can display hours over 24H.

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Comma or Semicolon in an Excel formula

Comma as separator in formula

For your formulas, the separators for your formula’s arguments could be the comma or the semi-colon. It depends of your widows setting 😮😉

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Use the Cell Value in your Calculation

Relative references, no dollar here

In Excel, it’s very easy to use the value of a cell. You just have to pointed to the reference of this cell and you return its value.

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Examples of Paste Special (All Options)

Paste Special Values

Discover all the tips and tricks you can do with all the copy-paste special

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Remove Duplicates

Example to remove duplicates with many columns

Discover how to remove duplicates values of a columns or many columns with the tool “Remove duplicates” just with one click

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Function COUNTIF


A basic task with Excel is to count the number of rows for a specific criteria. The function COUNTIF do that easily 😃 Don’t use the filters Most of the Excel users, use the filter to count the rows. But this solution is really not convenient when you have to repeat this action for many …

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Excel for free

Excel for Free! It’s possible with a Microsoft account and an Internet connection. How to get Excel for free? With the Cloud technology, it is easier to use Office applications from a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, …) rather than install it on your computer. To work with Excel online, you can go on …

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Change the language of Microsoft Office

Change the language of Office 2016, 2019 and Office 365

You can easily change the language of your Office applications. If the language you want is not installed, you can download it from

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