Calculate percentage increase

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With Excel, it is very easy to calculate the percentage increase between two values, and without special functions required

When is it helpful to calculate the percentage of increase?

You have the following document where you have the total sales per month. How to calculate the increase or decrease from one month to the next?

Percentage increase and decrease with conditional formatting

Percentage Calculation method

First, calculate the subtraction

The first thing to do is the difference between 2 consecutive months. The formula is very simple


Formula to calculate the gap between 2 cells

And, of course, you copy this formula for the other cells.

Copy the formula of the substraction

Second, divide the substation by the next month

To calculate the rate of increase, we will now reuse the result of the subtraction and divide it by the sales amount of the previous month.


Formula to calculate the percentage of increase or decrease

Change the format number to percentage

Now, you must change the format number to percentage from the Home ribbon.

Percentaga number format

And copy the formula for the rest of your document

Result percentage increase or decrease

Between January and February, the increase is up to 31.9% (great result 😃😍)

Write the formula in a single cell

In mathematics, addition and subtraction do not have the same priority as multiplication and division. Thus, perform the subtraction before the division.

To get around this problem, we will put the subtraction in parentheses.


The percentage formula in one single cell

Conditional formatting with icon

To highlight the increase and decrease, it's a good idea to insert icons with conditional formatting.

Percentage increase and decrease with conditional formatting

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