Calculation without equal

Secretary problem 😉

I always wonder why there is a calculator close to a computer.

It's totally ridiculous especially if you have Excel on your computer 😉

But a secretary told me one day "I'm fed up to start a formula with ="

Excel option

In fact, there is a way to do calculation without equal

  • Go in the menu Files>Options>Advanced
  • Scroll down until you reach the end of the options
  • In the section Lotus compatibility setting, check transition formula entry.

What happen's now in Excel?


Now, when you perform a calculation, Excel will add for you the symbol equal and display the result of your calculation.

Important: this option is not permanent.


Calculation_without_equal_2When you close Excel you have to reactivate this option if you want to avoid to start your calculation with equal.

More ⚠⚠⚠ This option is not applicable for all the worksheets of your workbook.

In fact, you have to select the worksheet where you want to have this option activated.

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