Change the language of Microsoft Office

In many companies, Excel is often in English. But for a lot of people, it's not easy to work with the Excel functions in English. But no panic, you can easily change the language of Office but the method depends of your version of Office.


In function of your function of Office, the way to change the language is not the same. If you have Office 2016, it's very easy because it's include in the interface of any Office application (like Excel 2016, Word 2016, ...) and it's free.

For the other version of Office (Office 2013, Office 2010 and Office 2007), you have to open a specific tool to change the language. But, before to use it, you have to download the pack language (links at the end of this page).

But it's not all. In function of your Office version, you can not use the same pack language. If you download the pack language for Office 2013 and you work with Office 2010, it won't work.

Excel 2016

If you have the latest version of Office, you can easily change the language of Office.

  1. Go to the Excel options File > Options
  2. Go to the Language menu
  3. If you have other languages installed, you just have to move the language you want on the first position
  4. If the language is not installed, download it for free on
Change the language of Office 2016, 2019 and Office 365

Look at the following video to see how to proceed.

Previous versions of Office

Now, if you use Office 2013, Office 2010 or Office 2007, here is the way to change the language of your application.

It' not very difficult but before, you must have install the pack language that you want.

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    • Sanette Steyn on 14/09/2019 at 10:42
    • Reply

    My laptop was stolen and I finally saved to buy new laptop and Microsoft Office 2013 but am really struggling to get it to do what I want.

    I finally got it to put the date format as DD.MM.YY though would have preferred dd/mm/yy. Now I need to change the decimal point from , to .

    Will never use the comma for decimal point. Have tried to reset language but it has not helped.

    Also my @ sign is where " is on keyboard and vice versa

    I live in South Africa.

    1. For the @, I don't know but for the date, it's a windows setting. In this article, I explain that. Change the country and your good

  1. I am using an English text for training in Excel 2007. My excel 2007 software is in French. It is very tedious to have to convert text from English to French. So my last resort is to change the French language in the program to English. Can you help me in achieving this conversion to change French to English for Excel 2007?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    1. Excel 2007 is too old now. Why don't you subscribe for Office 365? It's cheap you know

        • Sulbell on 14/07/2019 at 08:16

        You did not give him the answer he was looking for, neither do you help in any way. Many people for reasons best known to them still prefer to use the older version of an app, we should try to respect others opinion and choice and not try to force them to change.

        @Patrick Moses
        Click Start >All Programs >Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings

      1. Excel 2007 it's too old now. Microsoft has stopped to deliver the pack language for Office 2007 long time ago. Why don't you work with Excel Online? All the functions and the most common tools are available for free. The language of Excel Online depends of the settings of your browser or Microsoft account

  2. Great work, Thanks for sharing!

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