Conditional Formatting – Color scales

This article will present you the option Color Scales in the Conditional Formatting of Excel.

What is a color scales?

A color scales is the way to present your data with a slight difference of color in function of the values.

Use the color scales option makes sense only if you have a range of cells with a lot of values and highlight an area.

How to use Color Scales option

  1. Select your data
  2. Activate the menu Conditional Formatting > Color Scales
Menu Conditional Formatting - Color Scales

Automatically, your range of cells has a different color in function of the value.

In function of the values, the highest value is red and the lowest is green.


Use this conditional formatting option is very easy, you just have to select the option in the list.

But it is really useful with an array (rows and columns) like it is presented in the previous pictures

But it's not enough. If your data are not in connection, the color scales doesn't help you to visualize the max and min 😕😟

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