Conditional Formatting – Color scales


In the sub-menu of the conditional formatting, you find the tool "Color Scale". This tool is very convenient to highlight your max and min data but your data must respect some rules.

How to use color scales

Activate this tool is very easy

  1. Select your data (it's better if you have several rows and columns)
  2. Activate the following menu and select one of these options (here the second one)

Automatically, all the colors of your cells go from the green (the minimum) to the red (the maximum).

Change the value of the parameters in the row 2 to change the panel of your table.


As you can see, apply a color scales it's very easy and your documents are nicer. But this tool is only interesting if your data are connected.

If your data is scatter without relation, apply color scales is not the most convenient conditional formatting because you can not see clearly significant values.

In this situation, the best is to use a 3 color scales with as middle color, the same color of your background (white by default).

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