Copy Paste

Copy Paste is the most common action when you start to Excel.

Benefits of the action Copy Paste

With Excel, you can copy any cell or any range of cell

1. Select the cell you want to copy and click on the following icon "Copy" in the Home tab.



2. Just after you see an animation with dotted lines moving.

This indication means that the cell has been copied in the contain of the cell is in the memory of the computer.

3. Then, select the cell where you want to paste the contain of the first cell

4. Click on the Paste icon.

5. All the contain of the first cell (color, font, borders, formula) is transferred to the second cell.



Keyboard Shortcut

You can also use the following shortcut to perform the same action

Copy contents of the selection. Ctrl + Ctrl + C
Paste contents of the clipboard. Ctrl + Ctrl + V

The fill-handle

When you want to copy / paste on adjacent cells, it is faster to do this action with the mouse.

Copy_Paste_4In the bottom-right corner of a cell, you notice a square: it's the fill-handle.


Whatever the contained of your original cell you just have to click and drag to copy this cells.

If you have a single value, use the fill-handle will copy the same value. If you press Ctrl, you extend the series.

You will see a lot of other way to fill series in this article.

Copy a formula

When the cell contain a formula, Excel automatically change the references of the formula.

Let's copy the cell C1 to the range C2:C5.



Cells references follow the direction of the copy which allows you to cell C5

A5 + B5


Lors de la recopie, les cellules en colonne changent mais pas la reférence de la cellule B1You can "block" the cell references by putting the $ sign on both sides of the reference to ensure that references do not move.



To avoid mistake with the reference of the cells, refer to this article.

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