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The major advantage of using a spreadsheet is to copy data or formulas to save time and secure its calculations. We will present some techniques to copy data in this page but there are also other methods (mouse, Paste Special ...).


Copy / paste is a simple manipulation.

Select the cell you want to copy and click on the following icon.





Just after you see a rectangle with dotted lines moving around your cell. This indication means that the cell has been copied in the computer memory and is waiting to be pasted.





Then, select the cell where you copy contents of the first cell and click on the Paste icon.



Instantly, the data and the format (color, font, borders) contents of the first cell is transferred into the second cell

But, height and width of the source cell are not copied. The technique to reproduce the size of a cell will be seen in the section Adjusting rows and columns.


Keyboard Shortcut

Copy contents of the selection. Ctrl + Ctrl + C
Paste contents of the clipboard. Ctrl + Ctrl + V

Another technique to perform copy / paste buttons are below and above but you must first select a range of cells.

In a selected range of cells, copy contents of the first line to the rest of the selection lower key
In a selected range of cells, copy contents of the first column to the rest of the selection control key + button above

Copy a formula

There is a special feature when you copy-paste a formula; cells' references may be changed.

Consider the following example. We wrote the formula in C1 and copied it to the range C2:C5.





Cells references follow the direction of the copy which allows you to cell C5

A5 + B5



So obviously, it is very convenient that references change when we want to reproduce the calculation of other data but when we want to use several times the same cell, as interest rates, the copy we have a problem.

Lors de la recopie, les cellules en colonne changent mais pas la reférence de la cellule B1 Fortunately, this specificity is supported by Excel. You can "block" the cell references by putting the $ sign on both sides of the reference to ensure that references do not move.







When you want to copy / paste on adjacent cells, it is faster to do the copy / paste with the mouse





In the right corner of a cell, you notice a square: it is the fill-handle.

The fill handle has two functions:

  • copy cells
  • increment data series

The second issue will be studied in the form Fill Series

How to use the fill-handle


To copy a cell, just you position the fill handle until the mouse cursor turns into a cross with delicate features.





Copy_Paste_5a At this point, you just make a click / pull for the content of the first cell is copied into other cells. This works for all types of data (text, number, date, formula).





Copy_Paste_5bWhen you release the mouse button, an icon appears at the last cell copied.






Copy_Paste_6This icon is a specific menu to copy / paste that allows you to refine your collage and whether you want to keep or not the formatting of your data.

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