Excel for free

Excel for Free! It's possible with a Microsoft account and an Internet connection.

How to get Excel for free?

With the Cloud technology, it is easier to use Office applications from a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, ...) rather than install it on your computer.

To work with Excel online, you can go on www.office.com or www.onedrive.com

Then, you select one one of your Microsoft account (like xxxxx@hotmail.com).

There, you see your name or your picture on the right-upper corner.

You can now create an Excel document by clicking on the menu icon (the 9 dots) and select the Excel menu.

In this screenshot, you have a new workbook of Excel but in a browser 😃😎

Interface of Excel Online

As you can see, on the previous image, the interface of Excel Online is similar to Excel desktop

  • The main part of the windows it's the grid
  • The menus are in the ribbon
  • All the 500 formulas of Excel are available
  • You can insert Charts
  • You can change the format number
  • It's possible to draw border
  • To copy you have the fill handle
  • You can increase series easily
  • ....

Well, it's Excel and for free.

Excel Online is always updated

From the very first release of Excel Online in 2013 and now (2019), a lot of tools of Excel desktop have been added

For instance, at the beginning, it

New tools

Some tools are only present in the Online version. This is the case of the Survey. Now, you can easily create a survey, send if to your user and collect the result in the same workbook.

But it is especially on collaborative work that Office Excel makes sense.

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