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Excel for Free! It was the dream for all and now it's real with Excel Online without install Microsoft Office on your computer.

How to get Excel for free?

In fact, with the Cloud technology, it is easier to use Office applications from a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, ...) rather than install it on your computer. On the one hand it takes up less space on your computer and most importantly, the updates are made automatically.

By connecting to the address, you arrive on the following home page


Then, you click on Connect and you must enter your hotmail address (or msn), which gives you access to your Microsoft account.


There, you should see your name at the top of the page. This way you know that all documents that you create are stored in your personal space OneDrive.


You can now click on the icon Excel to open a new document or a document from a template, or one of your saved in your document directory OneDrive


In this screenshot, you have a new workbook of Excel but in a browse 🙂


Features included for free

There are fewer differences between the Online version compare to a stand-alone version of Excel. But 90% of the common used of Excel are covered.

  • Number format
  • The border tracing
  • The fill handle
  • Fill series
  • Tables
  • Sorting
  • Filtered (only with a table)
  • The charts
  • The most useful keyboard shortcuts
  • 458 Excel 2013 features are available and even some hidden functions like DATEDIF


Tool not available

A large number of tools with Excel are not (yet) present in the Online version. But, if you create a workbook from a desktop version, these tools are all editable on the Online version. This is the case for

So if you create a PivotTable in an Excel stand-alone, you can view and edit it in your Online version but not create it.


On the other hand, macros are completely out of Excel Online.

New tools

Some tools are only present in the Online version. This is the case of the Survey. Now, you can easily create a survey, send if to your user and collect the result in the same workbook.

But it is especially on collaborative work that Office Excel makes sense.

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