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Excel on your mobile for free

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Using Excel from a mobile seems to be a bit of a joke, but after using it, it is easy to get caught in the game. Of course, we will never create great worksheets as we can do with Excel desktop. But to open its files from any location (street, subway, bus) is very interesting.

Since Thursday, November 6, 2014, you can download Microsoft Office on your mobile phone for free. Access to Office from multi-platform is the scope of the new strategy of Microsoft. This is why you can work with Excel, Word, Access from your computers, tablets, laptops and mobiles.

Download Office Application

From your phone, search for the Excel application in the market place, Install the Office application and a nice icon appears in your phone's menu.

Excel on your mobile

Connection to the cloud

Since Excel 2013 , the connectivity has become the standard work in Office. We have presented how to work with Excel for free from a browser with Excel Online. But beyond the fact to work with Excel in a Web browser, the most important is to save your documents in the cloud. Like this, you can easily load your documents (Excel, Word, Power Point, Access) on any device.

You can connect from different sources. For instance here, I am connected to my personal account in OneDrive and also to my professional Office 365 account. Then, I can easily navigate through the files (Excel, Word and Power Point) of each account.

Navigation in the menu

On a phone, moving into a spreadsheet is simply by sliding your finger on the screen. Similarly, to zoom in or zoom out, simply apply two fingers on the screen as you move closer or further away. This is exactly the same principle as a photo or a map.

In addition, you can view your spreadsheet horizontally or vertically by changing the orientation of your mobile.

To navigate between worksheets in your workbook, have a look at the

Editing a cell

To edit a cell, you have 2 options

  • press the icon function
  • double-contact with your finger in a cell

These two actions will you bring up the keyboard to enter your data using the virtual keyboard.

Copy Paste with Excel mobile

The technique is not as simple as it is with Excel desktop. You know that you are in the copy-paste mode when the icon of your selection are squares and not circles.

Copy Paste with Excel Mobile

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