Excercise for beginners: Create a drop-down menu

This exercise will explain to you how to create a dropdown list in a cell.

1. Which menu in the ribbon can create a dropdown list?
2. Which of the following options should you choose to recreate a dropdown list?

Question 2 Wich option select for a dropdown list
3. Which information do you add to the Source field?

Question 3 What is the source
4. And that's it! You now have a dropdown list without duplicates.

Quetion 4 DropDown listBut you can also create a dropdown list with a formula. That's the next questions.

5. How do you remove a dropdown list?

Question 5 Remove a dropdown list
6. Which function keeps only the unique values?

Question 6 Formula to keep only unique values
7. To improve the result, we want to return the result sorted. Which formula sorts your data?

Question 7 How to sort the result
8. UNIQUE and SORT are functions called Dynamic Array (because they return more than one result). In this case, how do you fill the Source field in the dialog box?

Question 3 What is the source