Exchange rate in Excel

With Office 365, you can insert Exchange rate in your worksheets

The version of Excel in Office 365 allows you to collect the exchange rate of currencies of the current day.

Exchange Rate added to Excel with Data types

Add Exchange Rate

The Office 365 version provides a great new feature ; Data Type. You just have to fill geographic data or financial data and Excel connects to a database to add values to the original one.

If you want to add financial data to the name of a stock holder or to return the exchange rate between 2 currencies, you just have to write your value in cells and then Click on the button Data > Stocks. You can use any separator ; space, dash, slash, pipe, ...

What are the details behind the link

Once your have linked 2 currency to the Data Type tool, you can visualized all the informations in relationship between the 2 currencies by clicking on the icon

List of the data linked to a connection with Data Type

As you can see, behind a single connection between 2 currencies, you can return a lot of informations.

Return the last Exchange rate

What is amazing with Data Type, it's the simplicity to return one of the data linked. To do that, you can click on the little rectangle in order to open the list of data you can add.

Display all the options linked to one Data Type

Or you can write a formula with a reference to the cell with the icon and then you press dot. Like that, you can also visualise all the information linked. Double-click or press Tab to select the option you want.

In both situation, the formula is


Copy the dotted formula (beware of the format)

Like all the formulas in Excel, you can easily drag-and-drop the fill-handle to copy the formula.

But in this situation, you must take care of the currency format. Of course, when you copy the formula, you copy also the format of the original cell.

But you can force the each format by selecting the option Update Format.

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