Inspect a formula with F9

In Excel, there is some amazing shortcuts and F9 is one of them

Let's say you have a complex formula with a lot of VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, Reference all over your workbook. And you have a mistake Not easy to find where is the mistake.

Except if you use the shortcut F9 😏

When do you need to use a formula ?

Let's say you have writing this amazing formula but the result is not the one you expect. So you want to analyze some part of the formula.

To split your formula in many rows, press Alt + Enter. You will see at the end of this article a very nice tool to parse your formula automatically.

How to use the F9 key?

Select a part of your formula with the mouse

And then press F9

As you can see, the selection has been turned to display the result 🙂😎😍

Avoid mistake

But be aware of this! If at this step, you press Enter, the result will be a part of your formula and you loose the very first formula selected.

So? What to do?

In that case, instead of pressing Enter, you must leave the edit mode with the Escape key or Ctrl+Z. Like that you return to your initial formula.

Select a test

Now, if you want to visualize the result of a test, you have to select the full test (the 2 parts of the test and the comparison sign).

And after F9, the result in your formula is

Parsing your formula

A great Excel developers team Roberto Mensa, Krisztina Szabó and Gábor Madács, have created a very nice tool to inspect your formulas and also to parse your formula. Like that, it's easier to visualize the different part of your formula

This is a free tool and you can download it at this address

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