Functions LEFT – RIGHT – MID

Text functions are convenient to extract a part of a cell.

In the following examples, you will see in many examples how to extract a part of a cell

LEFT function

We want to extract the dialing code of cells. The dialing code is the first 3 digits of the phone number. To extract these figures, we will use the function LEFT.

This function is very simple to use because you only need 2 informations: your initial text (generally the reference of a cell) and the number of digit you want to extract (3 in this case).

Function has the following writing:


RIGHT function

In the same way, if you want to extract the last 4 digits of the phone number, you use this time the function RIGHTas follow:


MID function

It is also possible to extract a part of a string in the middle. To do that, you will use MID function.

To write this function, you must

  • First, put the reference of the cell
  • Second, indicate the position where you want to start the extraction
  • Third, indicate the number of characters you want to extract

So, if you want to extract the mobile phone number of the cell B8 in the cell C8, you will write following formula:


In this example

  • 20 represents the number of characters to start
  • 8 represents the phone number (7 digits + the dash)

Extract text without formula

If you work with Excel 2013 or earlier, you can extract a text without formula.

This tool is the FlashFill and you can find more explanation in this article.

But the FlashFill perform the extraction on-the-fly. If your data will be refresh, the extract will not be refresh.

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