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This article will explain how to build a custom URL to open Google Maps or Bing Maps with the addresses in your cells.

Google Maps or Bing Maps

Both map services offer the ability to build custom URLs but, there are differences. For example,

  • Bing Maps does not allow building a URL from a postal address 
  • Satellite maps are only possible with latitude and longitude (not with postal addresses)


To build a custom URL in Excel, all you have to do is write this URL, as a character string, in the HYPERLINK function.


Hyperlink function

You can customize your URL by filling in the second argument of the function.

=HYPERLINK(""; "Google Map")

Hyperlink function with custom url

Build a Custom Google Maps URL

We will take these addresses as an example.

Addresses in cells

The first part of the custom Google maps URL is the following

Then, you just have to link this URL that contains your cells with the character "&." Here we have used the reference from an array but you can simply use the cell reference.

=HYPERLINK(""&[@ Address]; "Google Maps")

Address to Google Maps

When you click on the link, this will immediately open the correct location in your browser😉👍

URL with latitude and longitude

Nowadays, collecting GPS coordinates becomes easier with mobile devices. And, you can convert your addresses to GPS coordinates using a Google API.

To easily view the location corresponding to a latitude and longitude, you can also build a custom URL.

CAUTION! the point is the only decimal separator allowed for your latitudes and longitudes

The Google URL is different from the previous URL with a search by postal address. The separator between latitude and longitude is the comma.

And applied to the HYPERLINK formula, it gives

=HYPERLINK("" &A2&","& B2)

Localisation with latitude and longitude with Google Maps

The Bing Maps writing is shorter. The separator between latitude and longitude is tilde "~"

And in a formula it gives


Show Satellite Map

To display the result as Satellite view, you can only use latitude and longitude. The option isn't available with postal addresses.

With Google, you must add the parameter basemap = satellite,longiture&basemap=satellite

=HYPERLINK(""&A2&"," &B2& "&basemap=satellite")

Satellite View in the URL for Google Maps

With Bing, you must add the parameter &style=h (display the indications on the map) or &style=a (display only the image)

And the formula

=HYPERLINK(""&A2&"~" &B2&"&style=h")

Adjust the zoom in your URL

You can also specify the zoom level with Google and Bing, always from a latitude and longitude.

With Google, you just have to add the parameter &zoom with a value between 0 and 21 (default 15). The closer to 21, the closer the zoom.

=HYPERLINK(""&A2&","&B2& "&basemap=satellite&zoom=20")

Zoom parameter in the URL Google Maps

With Bing, the zoom level is expressed with the &lvl parameter and a value between 1 and 20. The closer to 20, the closer the zoom.

=HYPERLINK(" &A2&"~"&B2&"&style=h&lvl=19")

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