Move and Copy worksheets quickly

In Excel, there are a lot of tips and tricks to move or copy a worksheet. Here are some examples:

Move sheets in a workbook

To move a worksheet within a workbook, you just have to:

  • Click on the tab of the worksheet you want to move
  • Hold and drag your mouse
  • Release the mouse button (drop)
Move worksheet in a workbook

Duplicate a sheet in a workbook

The technique is similar to that for moving a sheet. You drag & drop the tab and, at the same time, press the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

Inside the icon you can see the symbol "+" (indicating you are copying the worksheet).

Copy to a new workbook

If you want to copy a worksheet to a new workbook, you can do it like this:

  • Select the worksheet you want to export
  • Right-Click
  • Select Move or Copy
  • In the upper dropdown list the option (New book)
  • Check the option Create a copy

If you just want to move the original worksheet to a new workbook, don't check the option "Create a copy".

Move / Copy between workbooks

In Excel 2013 and later, it is possible to drag & drop a worksheet between 2 workbooks.

  • Place your workbooks side by side
  • Select the worksheet you want to transfer
  • Drag & drop
  • If you want to copy (instead of move), press the Ctrl key in the same time. Otherwise the data will be moved by default.

If you have Excel 2010 and previous versions, this technique is not possible

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