Move and copy worksheets quickly

In Excel, there is a lot of tips and tricks to move or copy a worksheets. Here is some examples

Move sheets in a workbook

To move a worksheet inside a workbook, you just have to

  • Select the worksheet you want to move by a click
  • Hold and drag your mouse
  • Release the button of the mouse (drop)

Move worksheet in a workbook

Duplicate a sheet in a workbook

The technique is the same as the way to move a sheet. You must perform a drag & drop technique but in the same time, you press the key Ctrl of your keyboard.

You can notice that inside the icon you have the symbol + (indicating you are copying the worksheet)

Copy to a new workbook

If you want to isolate a worksheet in a new workbook, you can do this manipulation like this

  • Select the worksheet you want to export
  • Right-Click
  • Select Move or Copy
  • In the upper dropdown list the option (New book)
  • Activate the option Create a copy

If you just want to move the original worksheet to a new workbook, don't activate the option "Create a copy"

Move / Copy between workbook

Since Excel 2013, it is possible to drag & drop a worksheet between 2 workbooks.

  • Put side by side your workbooks
  • Select the worksheet you want to transfer
  • Drag & drop
  • If you want to copy, press the Ctrl key in the same time

If you have Excel 2010 or lower, this technique is not possible

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