Pivot Table – Presentation

A Pivot Table is a powerful tool which calculates or aggregates data very easily.

For many people, a pivot table is a complex tool for advanced users. But not at all. It's just a tool to aggregate your data.

It's really simple and all the calculation are made by the tool. You, you just have to drag an drop your data.

Before to create a pivot table

To create a Pivot table, you just need a data table with the following rules

  • no blank rows or empty column
  • no total or subtotal rows
  • all the column must have headers

The best is to have raw data without any modification like in this example. Maybe a such document looks too simple for a lot of users but it's the only way to work with a pivot table.

Creation of a Pivot Table

To create a pivot table you just have to click on the menu Insert > Pivot Table


And in the dialog box, you select the source of your data.

You can indicate the cells' reference of your data source or the name of the table when you have inserted your data in a Table (Insert > Table).

Insert your data is a Table is the best choice because when your data source will be updated, your pivot table will automatically use all your data.

Interface of a pivot table

Once you have pressed OK, a new worksheet is added to your workbook with a new pane on the right.

In this pane, you have

  • all the headers of your data source (this is why your data source must have headers)
  • 4 areas to drag and drop the headers

How to create your pivot table?

It's very easy, you just have to drag and drop the fields you what to display

In the following example, we want to know the amount of sales for each country.

  1. So we drag the field Country in Rows
  2. We drag the field Total in Values

And you have created your first pivot table with just 2 drag and drop 😃😎👍

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