Shortcuts for the pros

Discover the best Excel shortcuts for the pros.

Have a look at all this amazing tips and tricks about the Excel shortcuts 😃👍😉

Copy / Paste on large range of cells

The following video will show you the technique to make a copy / paste over 5000 rows without using the mouse in less than one second.

Analyze a formula with F9

The shortcut with the F9 key allows you to view the result of a part of your formulas.

For example, if you have a very complex formula, the F9 key will help you to visualize what a specific part of a formula will return.

Shortcut with the F8 keys

If you have column with a lot of empty cells, you can't use the shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + Arrow down.

To select easily all your column (empty cell or not), it's better to use the F8 shortcuts

Fill the blank

Discover this amazing trick to fill the blank cells of your table before to import it in a data model, in a pivot table or in power pivot.

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