Shortcuts - Combination of many shortcuts

Shortcuts are very useful to save a lot of time. But you can also manage more than one shortcuts to get amazing action with Excel.

Copy / Paste on large range of cells

The following video will show you the technique to make a copy / paste over 5000 rows without using the mouse.

Copy/Paste with F8 & F5 (non-continuous)

When in a column, you alternate blank cells and not empty, it is not possible to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Arrow because the selection stops every non-empty cell. So to be able to easily select a large range of cells with non-continuous data, it's better to use the function keys F5 and F8 as shown in the following video:

Analyze a formula with F9

Shortcut key F9 allows you to view the result of a part of your formulas. For example, if you have a very complex formula (as in the video below) and this formula returns an error, the F9 key will help you to easily find which part of your formula you must modified to.

At this address , you'll find the parsing tool, created by Roberto Mensa, Krisztina Szabó and Gábor Madács. You can download it for free

Fill the blank

Discover this amazing trick to fill the blank cells of your table before to import it in a data model, in a pivot table or in power pivot.


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