SORT your data dynamically

It is now possible to dynamically sort your data with the SORT function

The SORT function

The SORT function is available only with Microsoft 365 and Excel Online and it's very easy to use it.

  1. Write the name SORT
  2. Select the column to sort
Sort data with formula

It's really too simple with the dynamic arrays (DA) 😉

SORT and Remove duplicates

On the previous example, even if the result is correct, it isn't convenient.

In this situation, it's better to use the UNIQUE function to remove duplicates first, and then SORT the result. Like this


SORT and Remove duplicates

Sort on multi-columns

For the moment, we have used the SORT function on a single column. But, you can also selected a table with many columns as first argument.

Sort with many columns

With this writing, the key sort is by default the first column of the selection.

Specify the sorting column

Now, if you want to sort on a specific column, you must fill the second argument of the function SORT.

  1. Select your range of cells to sort
  2. Write the column index of the sorting key.


SORT function Specify the sorting key

Ascending or descending order

By default, the SORT function returns the result in ascending order. But if you want the result in descending order, you just have to indicate the value -1 in third argument.


SORT function descending order

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