Start Excel with your custom parameters

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You can custom your Excel workbook when you open a new blank workbook. You just have to create a template and save it in a specific folder.

Create a custom format.

In Excel, you can create custom format, like negative number in parenthesis, dash for 0 or customise the colours and font of your Excel themes.

Negative numbers in parenthesis

Save as template

Once you have create your custom format, you must save your workbook as a template.

  1. Open the Save As menu (or F12)
  2. In the section Save As Type, select the extension Excel Template (*.xltx)
File extension xlst

Where to save your template?

This question is really important because you must save your workbook in your Start Excel folder. But where it is? 🤨🤔 But, there is a VBA command line to return the path for this specific folder 😀😎

  1. Open the Visual Basic Editor from the Developer tab (or Alt + F11)
Menu Visual Basic Editor
  1. In the Visual Basic Editor, open the Immediate Window (View > Immediate Window)
Immediat Windows
  1. Write the following command line


Command line Startup Path

It's in this folder that you MUST save your template and NOT is the default Template folder (File > Options > Save)

Excel Option Template path

What is the name of the template?

This question is really important because it depends of the language of your Office.

  • If your Office is in English, you must name your template Book.xltx
  • Office in French, the name must be Classeur. xltx
  • In Spanish, the name is Libro. xltx
  • German: Mappe.xltx
  • Arabic: المصنف.xltx
  • Amharic: ደብተር.xltx
  • Chinese, simplified: 活頁簿.xltx
  • ....
Template file in the folder XLSTART

Start Excel with your template

Then, now each time you open a new workbook, you load automatically your custom parameters 😉😍😎

Excel starts with your custom parameters

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Rajeev 30/06/2021 at 08:34

it work perfect however i have one question so in data base we 0 ,positive value like 67 ,negative value -58 so how we can see this 0 figures as - to be more focus on value with positive and negative value

Frédéric LE GUEN 01/09/2021 at 14:13

Have a look at this article to replace 0 by a dash


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