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3D Function

Principe of a 3D formula

In Excel, you can build formula by making a relationship through many worksheet. This technique of writing is called 3D function

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Basic calculation

Excel allows you to do all kinds of calculations and respect mathematical rules. We will see how to perform simple calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and also how to perform operations that use several different operators without making any mistakes 😉 The = sign In Excel, all the calculations or formulas start with the = …

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Absolute Relative Reference – Dollar in Formula

Reference of cell with Dollars

In Excel, the reference of a cell could be relative or absolute (written with dollars). When you fixed a reference you can build professional dashboards

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Use the Cell Value in your Calculation

Relative references, no dollar here

In Excel, it’s very easy to use the value of a cell. You just have to pointed to the reference of this cell and you return its value.

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Mixed References

Formula with mixed reference

A mixed reference is a reference that is fixed only on part of the reference

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Formulas to include or exclude tax

Formula to add the tax directly to the price

Discover all the calculations to add taxes to a price or also to remove the tax from a price.

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