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Function IF – Examples

The IF function is used to customize the result of a test. If the test returns TRUE, you can return a specific result, like “Win” and if the test is FALSE, you can display in the cell “Lost”. The IF function The IF function is build with 3 parameters The test The result if the …

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Functions AND – OR

Functions AND and OR are 2 logic functions that help you to create sophisticate logical tests. Presentation of the functions These functions are very useful with logical tests. Basically, with a logical test you compare 2 items only. But if you want to create a test with more items, you have to use these functions. …

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Function SUMIFS

SUMIFS, what’s for? When you have a list of data and you need to do the sum of few cells of this list, the SUMIFS function is the one to use. Well, in fact, there is 2 functions to do this: SUMIF SUMIFS SUMIF vs SUMIFS There is a big difference between SUMIF and SUMIFS. …

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COUNTIFS – Count rows automatically in Excel

Avoid the filter to count rows When you want to count the number of rows corresponding to a specific criteria, many users use the tool Filter. For 1, 2 or 3 different criteria, you can work like that. But if you have to extract a lot of count of rows for many different criteria, the …

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Function LEN – Test a String Length

Presentation of the LEN function The LEN function returns the number of characters in a cell. It’s simple 😉 =LEN(string) And that’s all? 🤔🤨😲 Yes that’s all! But this function is very useful for logical tests or for conditional formatting Remarks If you have a string containing a comma, point, dash, space, etc. the LEN function counts every …

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Function XOR

Function XOR Excel

Function XOR is a logical function integrated into Excel.

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What is a Logical Test in Excel

When should you create a logical test? Creating a logical test is THE starting point for these 3 important functions in Excel: IF COUNTIFS SUMIFS What it a logical test Logical tests are everywhere. Is my salary higher than my colleague’s? Is my rent higher than my neighbour’s? Is the quantity in stock larger now …

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