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Conditional Formatting – Highlighting dates

With Date functions in Excel, it is possible to perform calculations like addition or subtraction and thus, produce automated or semi-automated worksheets (using the NOW function in particular). Date functions mix with conditional formatting, allow you to create spraedsheets displaying date alerts automatically when a deadline is near. Basics of Conditional formatting with dates In the menu Home …

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Function DATE – YEAR – MONTH – DAY

Formula to return the first day of the previous month

Discover how to manipulate dates in Excel with the function YEAR, MONTH and DAY in order to create dynamic dates with the function DATE

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The Correct Value for a Week Number

The function WEEKNUM In Excel, to return the week number of a date you have the function WEEKNUM. =WEEKNUM(Date) Easy ? Sure ? 🙄🤔 Well in fact, it’s not so simple. It depends if you are in USA or in another country. The rule of calculation for the week is different between the USA and the …

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First day – Last day in Excel

On this page, you will find some formulas to calculate specific days automatically. Building specific dates, such as the first or last day, is always a very complex task, in Excel or any other software. The function TODAY has been used in all the examples but you can replace it with your own date value. …

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Date convert in standard format without formula

You can transform your dates in format YYYYMMDD to DD/MM/YYYY without any formula.

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How to Highlight a Birthday Automatically

Gap in days and months before after the birthday

In this article, you will see how you can change color when a Birthday is coming up without using a macro.

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Weekly calendar 2020 in one formula

Weekly calendar 2020 - All months

Discover how to create a weekly calendar and with just one formula.
With the new dynamic array, it’s very easy to do with the function SEQUENCE 🙂

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