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Remove Duplicates

The tool "Remove Duplicates" It is very easy in Excel to extract all unique values from a list of data using the tool Remove Duplicates. This tool exists in any version of Excel. Since the Excel 2007 version, the menu is directly accessible from the ribbon. But for versions prior to Excel 2003, the tool is …

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Extract without duplicates with formula

It is very easy to extract without duplicates data from a table through the menu Data>Remove duplicates. It works great for one or more columns but the thing about this tool is that you can not control data that will be delete. I recently worked on a customer address file by keeping only the most …

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Keep your last data update

Too many data entries for the same contact Let's start from a file where we store client information. Sometimes, we have many different data entries for the same customer. We want to keep only the newest information for each customer based on the column Update. Remove Duplicates not applicable With a such file, you can't …

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