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Remove Duplicates

The tool Remove Duplicates In these versions, the tool Remove duplicates is in the tab Data. To extraction without duplicates, you follow these 2 steps: Select the column you want to remove duplicates in Click on the tool Remove Duplicates In the next dialog box, indicate if the first row of your selection is the …

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Keep your Last Updated Data

Keep the last updated row Let’s start from a file storing customer information. Some customers have multiple records in the file, as a new record was created each time they changed their address or phone number. How do you keep only the last updated row? Remove duplicates not applicable With a such file, you can’t …

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Anonymise your data

If you are working on a workbook containing confidential data, you need to anonymise your data if you are collaborating with other people. The technique is not really complex but you have to respect the following steps. The initial document Imagine you are a journalist and you receive the following file in your mailbox (it’s all …

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