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How to round in k$ without formula?

How to round in k$ without formula

With Excel, you can round easily your data in k$ or m$ without creating a single formula. What you have to do is to create a custom format number

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Time Formats in Excel

Standard time format in Excel

This article presents all the subtleties of the time format and the mistakes to avoid in Excel

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Displaying Negative Numbers in Parentheses – Excel

Negatives numbers are written with parenthesis in red

With Excel, you can display your negative numbers inside a parenthesis.
To do that, you have to create a customize code like it is explain in this article.

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Round to the Nearest Ten, Hundred, Multiple..

Round to the nearest hundredth

You can easily round your number to the nearest tenth, hundredth or thousandth with the function ROUND

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Dash for 0 in Excel

The Dash for 0

Learn how you can display your zeros as a dash in your spreadsheets.

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