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Function MATCH – Dynamic VLOOKUP

Presentation of the MATCH function The MATCH function returns the position of a value in a range of cells This function is very useful to create dynamic research with the function VLOOKUP or INDEX. MATCH function needs 3 parameters. The value to find Range of the cells where is the value (1 row or 1 …

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Function INDEX in Excel

The INDEX function returns the contain of a cell at the intersection of a row and a column in a table or a reference. Presentation of the function INDEX The INDEX function works with three parameters: References of a range of cell containing the value to return The row index The column index [Optional] zone …

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Vlookup to the left in Excel

Problem of the VLOOKUP function The normal behavior of the VLOOKUP function is to return data from a table. But you can only return data on the right of the column containing the ID. However, in some cases, you can not change the order of the columns. Like for instance in this document where the …

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Create an Offset Vlookup

In the case you have a table that contains the same ID for many – or empty cells. It is strongly recommended to reorder your data To perform this modification, we will use 3 functions , INDEX , MATCH and OFFSET. Problem to solve We have a table (column A:D ) with the list of sales …

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Dynamic SUM in Excel

Dynamic SUM in Exce

There is 2 methods to create a dynamic SUM in Excel.
The first one uses the technique with a Table, the second one uses the function INDEX.

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