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How to round in k$ without formula?

Write your numbers in K$ In Excel, you can easily display your numbers in kilo dollars K$ or million dollars (M$) with 3 methods. In this article you will find 3 techniques to display a result in K$ (or m$ for the millions]. Each technique have their own benefits and disadvantages. The last one is my favorite …

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Examples of Paste Special (all options)

There are situations where a standard copy-paste destroys the presentation of your worksheet. To avoid that it’s better to use the Paste Special. Principle of paste special Once the “copy” has been activated, you can display a specific dialog box that offers a wide range of collages. To enable this option, you must click on the arrow …

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Time format in Excel

In Excel, working with the time is not difficult but you need to know few rules to avoid big mistakes. In this article you will see these rules and how to manage the time format. Difference between date and time in Excel In Excel, hours are always a fraction of a day. So it’s decimal …

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