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3D Function

Excel performs calculations in a spreadsheet but it is also possible to perform calculations across multiple worksheets, this is called 3-dimensional (3D) functions. A 3D formula simplifies your writing Say you have a workbook that contains one sheet per month. You want to create a worksheet that will synthesize all these month in a worksheet …

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Function SUM

This is the most commonly formula used and also the simplest to use. We will see in this page, different methods to perform a SUM in Excel. Presentation of the SUM function To perform a SUM function in Excel You simply start with the = sign in your cell Then, you enter the word SUM Then …

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Dynamic SUM in Excel

Creating a SUM is very easy to do in Excel. But when you want to add only specific cells and not all of them, the formula is not as easy. But it’s possible! Let’s see how to create a dynamic SUM. Insert your data into a Table But before we explain how to create the …

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