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Functions LEFT – RIGHT – MID

Function LEFT in Excel

How use functions Left-right-Mid in Excel. Discover how you can extract part of the string in your cells. The functions are easy.

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Remove spaces in Excel with TRIM

The spaces in a cells corrupt the sort

If you want to remove the extra spaces in a cell, there is a function for that ; it’s the TRIM function. But you must convert your formula in values.

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Title with date in Excel

The TEXT function changes the format of the numbers in a string

The TEXT function is very useful when you have to create a string which mixed text and number or date. You can customize each part of your date

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Function SEARCH

Presentation of function SEARCH The function SEARCH allows you to find the position of a symbol into a string The SEARCH function requires two parameters (and a third one optional) The first one is characters (or the sub-string) searched The second is the cell containing original string [Optional] The start position of your search. =SEARCH(Character …

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Create test on String Length

Function IF with a test based on the length of the ID

The LEN function returns the number of characters is a cell. It’s very useful if you have to check the length of names, codes, references, …

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Extract text without a formula

Extract text anywhere in your string with FlashFill

In Excel 2013 and later, you can extract text without a formula using Flash Fill.
FlashFill is a tool integrated into Excel, that runs in the background continuously.

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