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Fill Series

The fill handle is very useful to copy formulas as you know but also, you can fill series of number or date. Look at the following tutorials to see what you can do. Fill series of numbers When you have to create a list of number, it is not necessary to create a formula or to …

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Draw your borders with the mouse

Don’t waste your time to draw the border line of your table in Excel. The draw borders tool will help you to save a lot of time like in this example. Draw borders tool In Excel, you can easily draw the border or the grid of your data just with your mouse. But first you …

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Pivot Table – Generate multi-worksheets

Pivot Table is a great tool to split a file into multiple worksheets with a simple action. Presentation of the tutorial If you are reading this article it’s because you have a huge table and your have to split the contain in many worksheets. Methodology To make this work, we must create a pivot table. To see the method, …

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Change the Themes

You can customize Excel 2007 or 2010 by modifying the basic colors as well as adding your own menus. Custom themes By default, colors and fonts are loaded into the Home menu / Police.     Ditto for the effects applied to the forms Now you can change themes by going to the Page Layout …

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Shorcuts – Function Key

At the beginning of the computer technology, the Function keys were really useful. Nowadays, these keys become less useful but some of them are still really important if you work daily with Excel. Function keys alone Help Toogle to the Edit mode Paste name formula (if you have defined Name in your worksheet) Toogle the …

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Shortcuts – Control Key

Discover all the shortcuts with the Control Key Follow these links to have others shortcuts with Excel, Shortcuts with Alt key Best Excel shortcuts ever Shortcut with letter   + Select all cells around the active cell (non-empty) Select all cells of your worksheet (if the active cell is empty) When you fill a formula, …

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Shortcuts – Alt Key

Discover all the shortcuts with the Alt Key Shortcut with symbol + Insert the function SUM in your active cell + Display in a combobox the value in the same column + + Group the data (row or column) + + Ungroup the data (row or column) Function keys + Insert a new chart + …

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Remove Duplicates

The tool Remove Duplicates In these versions, the tool Remove duplicates is in the tab Data. To extraction without duplicates, you follow these 2 steps: Select the column you want to remove duplicates in Click on the tool Remove Duplicates In the next dialog box, indicate if the first row of your selection is the …

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Move and Copy worksheets quickly

In Excel, there are a lot of tips and tricks to move or copy a worksheet. Here are some examples: Move sheets in a workbook To move a worksheet within a workbook, you just have to: Click on the tab of the worksheet you want to move Hold and drag your mouse Release the mouse button …

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Extract text without a formula

Extract text anywhere in your string with FlashFill

In Excel 2013 and later, you can extract text without a formula using Flash Fill.
FlashFill is a tool integrated into Excel, that runs in the background continuously.

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Convert address to GPS coordinates

It is possible to add GPS coordinates to a list of addresses. Our company can do this job for you. Convert GPS to mailing address But we can also do the opposite – return the mailing address of GPS coordinates. And we can send you the result. Price The price to do this job depends …

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Dynamic Dropdown List

How to create a dynamic dropdown list

This article will show you how to automatically update your drop-down list Create a dropdown list in Excel To create a dropdown list activate the menu Data > Data Validation Select a cell (in our example F1) Select the menu Data > Data Validation In the dialog box, select the option List Then select the …

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