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Basic calculation

Excel allows you to do all kinds of calculations and respect mathematical rules. We will see how to perform simple calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and also how to perform operations that use several different operators without making any mistakes 😉 The = sign In Excel, all the calculations or formulas start with the = …

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Fill Series

The fill handle is very useful to copy formulas as you know but also, you can fill series of number or date. Look at the following tutorials to see what you can do. Fill series of numbers When you have to create a list of number, it is not necessary to create a formula or to …

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Absolute Relative References

What is a reference? The cell reference is the code that identify a cell: A1, B3, C15, … BJ375. But in Excel, there is absolute, relative and mixed references (but what-is-this-stuff 😲🤔🤨) It is very important to understand this concept to build your formulas to avoid mistakes. Relative reference A relative reference is a reference that will …

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Shortcuts for the pros

Discover the best Excel shortcuts for the pros. Have a look at all this amazing tips and tricks about the Excel shortcuts 😃👍😉 Copy / Paste on large range of cells The following video will show you the technique to make a copy / paste over 5000 rows without using the mouse in less than …

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Copy Paste

Copy Paste is the most common action when you start to work with Excel. Benefits of the action Copy Paste With Excel, you can copy any cell or any range of cell Select the cell you want to copy and click on the following icon “Copy” in the Home tab. Just after you see an …

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Calculation without equal

Secretary problem 😉 I always wonder why there is a calculator close to a computer. It’s totally ridiculous especially if you have Excel on your computer 😉 But a secretary told me one day “I’m fed up to start a formula with =” Excel option In fact, there is a way to do calculation without …

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Remove Duplicates

The tool Remove Duplicates In these versions, the tool Remove duplicates is in the tab Data. To extraction without duplicates, you follow these 2 steps: Select the column you want to remove duplicates in Click on the tool Remove Duplicates In the next dialog box, indicate if the first row of your selection is the …

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Examples of Paste Special (All Options)

There are situations where a standard copy-paste destroys the presentation of your worksheet. To avoid that it’s better to use Paste Special. Principle of paste special Once the “copy” has been activated, you can display a specific dialog box that offers a wide range of paste options. To select Paste Special, just click on the arrow under …

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Inspect a Formula with F9

In Excel, you can scan part of your formula with the shortcut F9 When use the F9 shortcut? Let’s say you have a complex formula with a lots of VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, references. But the result returned is not correct and you need to find the reason. Tips: To display your formula on multiple rows, …

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Move and Copy worksheets quickly

In Excel, there are a lot of tips and tricks to move or copy a worksheet. Here are some examples: Move sheets in a workbook To move a worksheet within a workbook, you just have to: Click on the tab of the worksheet you want to move Hold and drag your mouse Release the mouse button …

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