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Weekends or weekdays in Excel

Separating weekends and weekdays is a basic job in Excel. For example, when you have to build an automatic calendar.  The function WEEKDAY Presentation This function returns a value between 1 and 7 corresponding to the value of the day of the week. =WEEKDAY(Date,Parameter) This function is very, very, VERY useful for creating a test …

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First day – Last day in Excel

On this page, you will find some formulas to calculate specific days automatically. Building specific dates, such as the first or last day, is always a very complex task, in Excel or any other software. The function TODAY has been used in all the examples but you can replace it with your own date value. …

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Weekly calendar 2020 in one formula

Weekly calendar 2020 - All months

Discover how to create a weekly calendar and with just one formula.
With the new dynamic array, it’s very easy to do with the function SEQUENCE 🙂

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